Improve Bathing Safety and Comfort

Reviewed by Afik Gal, MD

Whether bathing is a chore or a self-care ritual that you look forward to, it can become challenging due to changes in strength, balance, and flexibility. Here are the top tips and tricks that have enabled our AgeAssured members to bathe with greater ease, comfort, and safety:  

Install and use grab bars when you get in and out of your tub or shower as needed to help with balance and strength and to move from sitting to standing if you sit while bathing.

Use non-slip bath mats to reduce your risk of falling or slipping. Non-slip adhesive treads can also be used in the bottom of your tub or shower.

Remove throw rugs or use only those with rubberized backing or non-slip rug tape.

Turn on all the lights. Brighten your bathing space as much as possible, and replace dim lights or bulbs with brighter ones.

Make sure your supplies are organized and easy to reach, including facecloth, body brush, soap, and shampoo. 

Adjust the temperature to no more than 120°F to prevent burns.

Sit down when you bathe. This can help with poor balance and low energy.

Use a hand-held shower head to control the water direction and to easily rinse hard-to-reach areas.

Use a long-handled sponge/brush to reach your backside and extremities without having to bend over or strain. 

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