Thriving at Home after Hip Surgery, Thanks to Assured Allies

When AgeAssured member Jani holds court on her front porch, walks down a hallway lined with  family photos, or hugs one of her nine great grandkids in her living room, it’s clear that this 85-year-old matriarch has built a rich life around family and a particular place: the Missouri home she’s lived in for over 60 years. Assured Allies is proud to help Jani age on her own terms, in her beloved home, through hip replacement surgery and beyond. 

Jani was kind enough to share her experience with Assured Allies in a video, which you can watch here. The following interview is a mildly edited excerpt. 

Tell us about your home.

Jani with Christina Ferrari, her Ally Angelina Portuense, and Andy Freedman of Assured Allies.

My home means a lot to me. We moved in in October of 1960 or 1959. I’ve lived here over 60 years and both of my kids have never missed a Christmas. I always told my grandkids that I didn’t care who they married, but they had to marry someone who would come to my house for Christmas [laughs]. It means a lot to be able to stay here.

How did you hear about Assured Allies and the AgeAssured program?

Well, I’ve had two knees replaced and one ankle replaced, and then I started having trouble with my right hip. Before I had surgery in the fall, Assured Allies called me. They wanted to know if there was anything I needed in my home.

What was your first impression? 

When I first heard about Assured Allies I was a little confused because they were going to give me something for free. So I called my insurance company and they said it was for people that would rather stay in their home than go to the nursing home. 

How did your Ally, Angelina, help you get ready for your surgery?

Angelina called me back and wanted to know if I could use anything in the house. I said well, I‘m having a little bit of trouble with my hip that needs to be operated on, and they [Assured Allies] sent me many things that I needed when I had surgery. They sent me a little motion light, anything I mentioned they somehow found [a walker basket, sock aids, personal grabber, long-handled bath brush, leg lift strap, and more] to make it easier for me to stay home, with no charge to me at all. Angelina’s been a godsend; she explains everything to me and this makes you feel good, that somebody else is looking after you. 

What gives you a sense of purpose in your life?

The main thing that makes me happy is being with my kids and my grandkids. That’s what Assured Allies is trying to do for me — get my home fixed so I can stay at home. 

Do you have an experience with Assured Allies that you’d like to share? If so, please let us know at [email protected]. We’d love to keep spreading the word about how we help members like you age in place.